Al-Rahma Charity is a Somaliland registered charity Organization based in Hargeisa Somaliland.  Al Rahma Charity was established in 2010 that started from Miskiin-kalkaal.

It offers humanitarian, health, educational, environmental & social services for all in general and for vulnerable groups and orphans in particular.


Vision, Mission & Objectives


Poverty is an outrage against humanity. Al-Rahma has a vision to empower Poor or needy people to transform their lives then create a Community with good health, education and a livelihood.



Providing the basics for the needy such as food, clothing, medicine, and shelter. Assist development of poor communities through helping them and investing their human and financial resources in the most efficient ways so that they become self-sufficient.



  • To get rid of poverty and improve the land productivity.
  • To bring clean and safe drinking water to every person by drilling or digging wells, making damps and ponds.
  • To provide a variety of health services including the establishment of health centers and hospitals.
  • Promote young people’s learning skills to gain a productive society.


What We Do

Emergency Situations

Al-Rahma work on strategic programs that focus on these main areas. Al-Rahma has been responding to emergencies for over 10 years so when an emergency arises organizations works hard and provide

  • Emergency Food Aid;
  • Clean drinking water;
  • Emergency shelter (tents &Tarpaulins);
  • Clothing & Blankets;
  • Medical Aid;


Development Projects

  • Recovery from droughts;
  • Water (digging wells &dams)
  • Development of agricultural productivity;
  • Education;
  • Skills Development for youth;
  • Orphan Sponsorship;
  • Healthcare


Seasonal Projects

  • Ramadan Programs (feeding fasting people);
  • Eid Clothing for Orphans and the Poor Children;
  • Qurbani (Adaxi)

Management Team

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Abdalla M. Ibrahim


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Ahmed Osman Abdi

Executive Director